Gender Diversity Organisations


20-first works with progressive global companies around the world interested in responding to both halves of the market and optimizing both halves of the talent pool – the male and female halves. The firm’s consulting services help companies achieve systemic, sustainable and positive change to successfully define and plan their gender balance initiatives.

30 Percent Club

The 30% Club is a group of Chairmen voluntarily committed to bringing more women onto UK corporate boards. On average, FTSE-100 companies have only 17.3% female representation on their boards.

Professional Boards Forum

The Professional Boards Forum is an innovative forum that gives leading chairmen instant access to excellent NED talent and gives women an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, experience and judgement. The Professional Boards Forum BoardWatch tracks the appointments of women to UK boards following the publication of Lord Davies's report in February 2011.

The Mentoring Foundation

The Mentoring Foundation was founded specifically for the purpose of developing the already highly successful FTSE100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme, which is directed by Peninah Thomson.

Women on Boards

Women on Boards is an open, action-oriented, UK-wide organisation for women seeking to leverage their professional skills and experience into board and leadership roles. It is unique in offering an action-oriented, UK-wide service to women in all sectors, based on a well established online platform and a wealth of experience from Australia.

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