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L-R: Diversity UK Trustees, Lopa Patel MBE, Dilip Joshi MBE and Sushila Khoot

Diversity UK Trustees

Diversity UK is a think tank to research, advocate and promote new ideas for improving diversity and inclusion in Britain. It is a not-for-profit, collaborative organisation that works with a wide range of partners, bodies and key opinion formers to engage in a healthy debate about issues of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and disability discrimination. Diversity UK is an evidence-based initiative that seeks to influence policy, enhance civic engagement and improve the perception of the minority ethnic community in Britain. Diversity UK was co-founded by three Trustees and is guided by its Patron and Advisory Board.

The Aim

Diversity UK will deliver its objectives by initially focusing on three research areas and hosting roundtable & networking events:

Public Appointments Monitoring

Diversity UK has built and will continually update its Public Appointments register which has been created through desk research.

Diversity in Public Appointments Research

Diversity UK will undertake ongoing quantitative market research on individuals’ experiences of applying for a public appointment and the outcomes.

Diversity Media Monitor

Diversity UK will undertake ongoing market research on prevailing moods about diversity among the public.

Roundtable & Networking Events

Diversity UK exists to support networking amongst diverse groups of individuals  and will host roundtable and networking events for members.

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