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FTSE 100 executive pipeline needs more women

An independent review is pressing ahead with proposals to ensure talented women at the top of business are recognised, promoted and rewarded. The review, headed up by Sir Philip Hampton, Chair of GlaxoSmithKline, and Dame Helen Alexander, Chair of UBM, focuses on senior women below the company board. Statistics released today (9 November 2016) show 25% of those… Read More »

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FTSE Boards do not reflect UK’s ethnic diversity

FTSE Boards ‘do not reflect the ethnic diversity of the UK’ states The Parker Review report published, at an event held at EY’s UK headquarters, today (2nd November 2016). The report reveals that out of 1,087 director positions in the FTSE 100, only 8% of positions are held by directors of colour, of which 1.5% are UK citizens,… Read More »

Plans to improve diversity in science & engineering

The science and engineering professions are taking steps to improve diversity and inclusion across science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers. The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Science Council are launching a new framework, the first of its kind, to help professional bodies assess and monitor their progress on diversity and inclusion, with an event to be held… Read More »

Government’s review of corporate governance

Measures to strengthen the UK’s corporate governance framework and shareholder influence over executive pay have been outlined today (29th November 2016) by Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark. The paper sets out a range of options to address concerns around levels of executive pay, increasing representation of workers, customers, suppliers and investors in the boardroom, and whether our… Read More »

Trump victory is a setback for gender equality

The Women’s Equality Party said that Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election was a setback for gender equality. “Today we mark a double disaster: America’s rejection of what could have been its first female president and those voters’ acceptance of misogyny. Because let’s be clear, this was a referendum on equality. Donald Trump’s success demonstrates so… Read More »